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Palm lampshade
Palm lampshade white
Palm white
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Palm orange
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Palm yellow
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Palm orange & red
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Palm white & blue
Palm white and red
Palm white & red
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Palm white & yellow
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Palm white & grey
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Palm orange & yellow
Palm yellow and blue
Palm yellow & blue
palm spec


Sorry this product is no longer in production

Palm is a self-assembly pendant lampshade consisting of 22 individual leaves that link together.This lampshade is specifically designed from one material and uses only one manufacturing process which makes it 100% recyclable.

Palm comes with a simple 8 step guide to help you and can be used with any low watt energy saver bulb. Enjoy!


Product Details

0.75mm polypropylene

diameter 450mm

Colour & Finish
White, grey, yellow, orange, light blue and red

Click here to download the Palm assembly instructions